Equipment for Officers

Since 2010, access to the following equipment has been made possible due to the generous donations by the appreciative residents of Salem. Through fundraising, the Foundation purchased the following equipment, or donated towards larger financial commitments by the City.

  • Patrol Bicycles for the Community Action Unit
  • Voluntary physical health screenings
  • Utility Terrain Vehicle
  • Trauma Kits for every officer
  • Tracer Forensic Lazer for Crime Lab
  • Jackets for our Domestic Violence Advocates
  • Fingerprint Fuming Chamber
  • CrimeCam  2000 DV injury cameras
  • Vampire Forensic Fingerprint Recovery System
  • SWAT Helmets
  • Crime Scene Body Shield
  • Chip off Reader
  • Mobile Command Vehicle
  • Wacom Tablets
  • Watch Caps for entire SPD force $4925
  • Honor Guard Flags
  • Equipment for SWAT