Completing Funding for: TI Training

The Foundation is currently raising funds for the following program:



TI Training Simulator:  So Our Officers are Ready

Preparation is the key to survival. The Ti Training Simulator helps prepare officers with specialized training for moments when life is on the line and split-second decisions matter. Law Enforcement training prepares personnel for life or death situations, so the reward for winning is coming home safe at the end of the day.

TI’s interactive simulations are highly effective educational scenarios that challenge the trainee’s decision making ability and help develop life-saving skills. The goal is to prepare law enforcement personnel to be highly effective in life and death situations. The Salem Police Foundation is seeking to raise $50k+ to purchase this training simulator that can be used by both SPD and other jurisdictions.

Part of the funds for this training equipment was raised at the 2019 Breakfast with the Chief.  This multi-year ask is still approximately $30,000 short of its goal.

Check out this video to learn more about funding this need: