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The Salem Police Foundation (the Foundation) is seeking to grow the organization and enhance its member services and programming. The Foundation is seeking proposals from qualified individuals and firms for the provision of management services to assist the Foundation in carrying out its mission. The following Request for Proposals (RFP) provides background information about the Foundation and describes the areas of expertise that are sought in support of the Foundation meetings, activities, events and executive/administrative tasks.

The Foundation Board will conduct an evaluation of submitted proposals and will award a contract to the individual or firm whose proposal is determined to be most advantageous to the Foundation considering the factors set forth in this RFP.  The initial contract resulting from the RFP will be effective after approval by the Foundation Board to start on an agreed upon date for a period not to exceed three (3) years, with annual renewal contingent upon contractual requirements being satisfied based on a midyear review and an end-of-year review by the Foundation Board.  The Foundation Board will determine when it will be appropriate to issue a new RFP for management services or to renew for a successive contract.

Please review our information provided below and submit prior to the listed close date.  Only formal proposals will be considered.  The Foundation Board plans to review all proposals within three weeks of the close date and will make a final decision at that time. We look forward to reviewing your submission.


History of the Organization

The Foundation) is a public benefit nonprofit corporation formed and established in accordance with the laws of the State of Oregon and Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Foundation was incorporated February 16, 2010, with its primary purpose being to enhance and improve relationships between the Salem Police and our community and to provide grants to law enforcement for specialized equipment, training and collaborative community programs.

Mission Statement

Promote community support for the Salem Police Department through fundraising and community outreach

Vision  Statement

Through the community outreach and other work of the Foundation, the Salem Police Department is a well-trained and well-equipped public safety organization. It has the community’s respect and support and as a result the Salem community is a safer place to live and work.

Leadership Structure and Activities

The Foundation is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for developing Foundation operational policies and procedures and carrying out the mission and purpose of the Foundation.

The Foundation promotes connections and develops community relationships through a variety of community based social activities and small group meetings.  The Foundation has a close and collaborative relationship with Salem Police Department working together to mutually benefit the Department and the Salem community.  The Foundation holds several fundraising events each year, the primary of which is the long-standing “Breakfast with the Chief.”

Among its many contributions, the Foundation has provided:

  • Portable forensic fingerprint processor (VAMPIRE)
  • Trauma kits for police officers
  • K-9 training course
  • K-9 body cameras
  • Jackets for our Domestic Violence Advocates
  • Swat Helmets
  • Bicycles for downtown team
  • Mobile Command Vehicle
  • Ti Training Simulator
  • Honor Guard Flags
  • Officer Wellness Program

For more information about the Foundation see our website: https://salempoliceFoundation.org/ or contact Board President, Cyndi Leinassar, email at [email protected]  with any questions.


The following information describes the Foundation’s expectations of the awarded contractor’s responsibilities, as they relate to providing management services to the Foundation.  The selected contractor will report directly to the Foundation President and its Board of Directors. The scope of contracted work includes, but is not limited, to:


  • Serve as the Executive Director of the Foundation which includes both thought leadership about the future of the Foundation and it’s potential, as well as the management of day-to-day operations.
  • Assist in the implementation of directives of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.
  • Assist with annual strategic planning and monitor and report progress on the plan.
  • Identify site of board meetings and coordinate all aspects, including assisting the President with setting the agenda and providing the board with meeting materials.
  • Oversee administrative print and electronic files and records, and maintain organizational archives
  • Maintain passwords, log-in information and other important details for all accounts
  • Manage Foundation equipment, supplies and software (e.g., credit card machines, banners, member nametags).
  • Maintain Board roster and contact information and track Board term limits.
  • Assist the Board with conducting surveys and assessments, analyzing data and producing reports.

Public Relations/Marketing/Communications

  • Networking and seek ways to promote the Foundation in the community.
  • Write/distribute news releases about Foundation activities as warranted.
  • Become actively involved with the Foundation and other Police Foundations.

Website, Social Media and Publications

  • Maintain database to ensure that email list and social media accounts are current and accurate.
  • Become familiar with content management system, social media and other forms of communication utilized by the Foundation.
  • Serve as webmaster and ensure that all content is accurate and posted in a timely fashion.
  • Post Foundation news and activities, and other news of interest to Foundation supporters on social media.
  • Maintain calendar of events and ensure that registration deadlines are accurate.
  • Prepare and send out electronic correspondence (emails, announcements, etc.) as needed by the Foundation Executive Committee and Board.
  • Identify, negotiate and maintain current vendor/software contracts in coordination to support communication and publishing activities.
  • Maintain permission levels on the website, cloud servers or software with annual leadership changes.
  • Submit and/or post event photos, calendar listings, press releases, etc. to news media.

Financial/Database Management

  • Manage the Foundation’s finances in coordination with the volunteer Treasurer, maintaining all financial data using relevant software.
  • Provide financial reports as requested by Treasurer and the Board.
  • Assist Treasurer and the Board with annual budget preparation.
  • Assist the Board and committee chairs with identifying and soliciting meeting and event sponsors and ensuring that sponsor entitlements are fulfilled.
  • Manage accounts payable and receivable.
  • Invoice sponsors, and companies, as necessary.
  • Process money received (checks, credit cards, cash).
  • Reconcile bank and credit card statements.
  • Provide receipts and/or refunds, upon request.
  • Reimburse Board members and others, as appropriate.
  • Prepare information for annual audit and other financial filings.
  • Make bank arrangements for account signatories as approved by the Board.

Sponsor/Volunteer Support

  • Maintain database including addition of new sponsors and volunteers, include occupation/ address/phone/email changes
  • Provide reports of sponsors and volunteers, and other lists as requested by the Foundation Executive Committee and Board.
  • Conduct ongoing sponsor and volunteer recruitment campaign
  • Advise the Board on recruitment and retention strategies
  • Manage sponsor and volunteer recognition activities.
  • Manage sponsor relations.
  • Assist committees and other volunteer groups with information about the Foundation, its procedures and policies to conduct their work.

Meeting and Event Management

  • Manage the Foundation’s annual “Breakfast with the Chief” fundraiser and develop marketing plans/approaches for events and other Foundation activities in order to ensure maximum exposure and participation. Includes assisting committee with program development, logistical support, recruiting sponsors and volunteers, etc.
  • Manage event meetings, committee meetings, small group, social activities (holiday social, corn hole, annual appeal, Giving Tuesday, etc.)
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to event chairs and Executive Committee and the Board.
  • Identify and negotiate conference and event site contracts in coordination with the Foundation’s Board.
  • Serve as primary point of contact with event venues by providing attendee count, special meal requirements, technology needs by requested deadline.
  • Secure conference and event exhibitors/sponsors, and coordinate exhibitor and sponsor agreements and required payments.
  • Assist committee chairs with promoting the annual Breakfast with the Chief and other events.
  • Oversee invitations, announcements and updates to Breakfast with the Chief and other events
  • Assist Breakfast with the Chief and other event participants with registration via web and phone.
  • Manage pre-registration and on-site registration for Breakfast with the Chief and other events, as applicable, which includes the collection of any funds.
  • Prepare registration lists, nametags and materials for Breakfast with the Chief and other events.
  • Take photos at Breakfast with the Chief and other events to post on website, social media and oversee awards, sponsor and volunteer recognition, business meetings, and other special programs and events.

Response Format and Proposal Instructions

Responses must include the following information that will serve as the basis for rating qualifications of the individual/firm in this RFP. In the review process, the Foundation will evaluate proposals on the basis of the following information that must be submitted in each response:

  1. Provide an executive summary of your approach condense and highlight your approach to the contents of the proposal. The summary should provide the Foundation Board with an overall understanding of the proposal and the individual/firm’s approach.
  2. Provide evidence of the individual/firm’s ability to provide management services to the Foundation, including company background and history.
  3. Provide the following information:

– Identify how you will manage, service and support the Foundation.

– Describe your individual/firm’s experience with similar clients/organizations, including their approximate budget level.

– Present a detailed process for your services and how those components will benefit the Foundation.

  1. An outline of the individual/firm’s credentials and the professional experience of individual staff members— positions held, past clients, etc. Individuals/firms should include resumes or other descriptions of relevant past experience and qualifications of key individuals who will work with the Foundation.
  2. Individuals/firms must list at least three (3) references for similar work completed in the management market that includes the following information:

– company name, address and phone number; contact name, title and e-mail; website address (if applicable).

The Foundation may contact the individuals listed to validate the nature of the individual/firm’s experience.

  1. Fee Structure: Detail the fees associated with providing the detailed Scope of Work and any additional costs that may be associated with fulfilling this scope of work.
  2. Individuals/firms may also provide any additional information that may be germane to the proposal and the evaluation of the individual/firm’s experience.

Submission and General Instructions

Individuals and firms responding to this announcement shall submit their proposal by email to Board President, Cyndi Leinassar, [email protected] by August 31, 2021

Late proposals will not be accepted.

Important Dates Deadline

  1. RFP Notice – Open for Submission – Immediately
  2. Proposal Submission Deadline – August 31, 2021
  3. Foundation Review and Conduct Interviews – September, 2021
  4. Foundation Board Consideration/Approval/Contract with New Management – September, 2021
  5. New Management Announced – October 1, 2021

All proposals should be submitted as a Word document or as a PDF. Submitted proposals should not exceed 10 printed pages in length in their entirety, not including appendices and other reference materials, or individual resumes.

Please note that any additional information, other than the 10-page submission and appendices, will not be reviewed. Font size for basic narrative descriptions must be no smaller than 12-point Times New Roman.

The subject line should read: Salem Police Foundation Proposal for Management Services.