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As the Salem Police Foundation (SPF)  volunteers worked to raise funds and purchase to rehab the K-9 Course, located at 5915 Windsor Island Rd N, in Keizer, OR they noticed that when officers trained in the evening, it was fairly dark.

Board member, Dan Wellert noticed this and discussed it with officers.”The officers told me that during evening training hours, especially in the winter season, that it was very dark on the course making it difficult to see the K-9’s.  Having proper lighting will improve the training environment and assist the officers monitoring the K-9’s during training.”

After some investigating and discussions with lighting companies, Wellert believes that appropriate lighting will cost about $3,000 and they can obtain donated labor.

Donations towards the “Light the Course for K-9s” campaigns are welcome here, or mailed:

Salem Police Foundation

PO Box 2631
Salem, Oregon 97308-2631, USA


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