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Eleven members of the Salem Police Department received honors at the Oregon Peace Officers Association’s 45th annual awards banquet Friday, Nov. 7.

Pictured above, left to right, are  Chief Jerry Moore, Sgt. Stephen Smith, Officer Oscar Zambrano, Officer Omar DeMarco, Officer Robert Owings, Officer David Smith, Officer Joe Miller and Deputy Chief Jim Ferraris.

The OPOA honored more than 90 criminal justice professionals from all over the state for their outstanding service to their communities.

The following awards were presented to these Salem Police Department employees:
Call taker Amanda Branlund, Public Service Award
Officer Barrett Byers, Lifesaving Award
Officer Omar DeMarco, Lifesaving Award
Detective Scott Emmons, Lifesaving Award and Medal of Honor
Officer Andrew McFerron, Lifesaving Award
Officer Joe Miller, Lifesaving Award
Officer Robert Owings, Lifesaving Award
Officer David Smith, Lifesaving Award
Sergeant Steve Smith, Distinguished Service Award
Officer John Stackhouse, Lifesaving Award
Officer Oscar Zambrano, Lifesaving Award

The police department reported the following details of the honors bestowed on the employees:

In November 2013, Calltaker Branlund answered a suicidal male’s 911 call in which she took immediate action to gain the necessary information to assist responding officers to the location of the caller by using mobile phone tracking technology. Given the location coordinates, Officers DeMarco, Owings, and Smith located the jumper at the Capitol Center Building where the distraught male was making his way over the roof parapet. Immediately, Officer Smith grabbed the male’s leg and ankle as Officer DeMarco leaned over the parapet to grab the falling male’s torso. The officers worked as a team to successfully pull the male back onto the safety of the roof avoiding the possible tragic loss of life.

Officer Byers was nominated for his quick action in providing life-saving first aid to a multiple gunshot wound victim when he responded to assist the Keizer Police Department on a residential intruder call in March 2014.

In December 2013, Detective Emmons encountered an aggressive and reckless driver, leading to a traffic stop during which the male driver exited the vehicle with a raised pistol and charged toward the detective. Emmons responded by firing his pistol and striking the suspect. Seeing the suspect had sustained an injury, Emmons provided life-saving first aid with the assistance of an Oregon State trooper who had responded to the scene to provide cover.

In response to a report of an out of control naked male subject in March this year, Officers McFerron, Miller and Stackhouse successfully provided lifesaving CPR to him as he experienced a state of excited delirium due to his consumption of illegal drugs.

Sergeant Smith received recognition for distinguished service for his 16-year career as a police service dog handler during which he had two canine partners, Benny and Jett. Together with his partners, Smith recorded nearly 2,000 deployments resulting in 808 captures. Smith and Benny also served on the department SWAT team assisting with 55 missions. Also during his tenure, Smith contributed to the K9 unit program’s continued service by collaborating with community partners to assist with funding and veterinary assistance for the canines, as well as keeping the unit on the forefront of technology and equipment needs.

Officer Zambrano was nominated for providing lifesaving CPR as the first responder to a medical call involving a 64-year old male in cardiac arrest. Even before medics could arrive Zambrano successfully had the victim revived and breathing on his own.

“We are proud of each of the Salem Police employees recognized here tonight,” said Deputy Chief Jim Ferraris of the Patrol Division, “Each acted with honor, integrity, and compassion in the course of their service to their community.”

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