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The Salem Police Department honored a few of their nearly 110 volunteers at their Annual Volunteer Luncheon last Thursday. Among those in attendance were Mayor Anna Peterson and Police Chief Jerry Moore, who announced honors to volunteers.

Peterson presented Lorna Omdahl with the At Your Service Award for her outstanding commitment to volunteering for the City of Salem. For the last two years, Omdahl has volunteered in a variety of different roles for the police department.

Chief Moore also honored the following volunteers:

Volunteers Receiving One-Year Challenge Coin:

  • Davit Andghuladze
  • Terry Shanley
  • Hustin Franzwa
  • Robert Pfenning
  • Thalia Diaz
  • Erica Glavnik
  • Nancy Laible
  • Eleanore Bode-Lemming
  • Mark Batz
  • Linda Chase
  • Korissa Nails

The following volunteers have volunteered for two years, but hadn’t reached their one year anniversary at the time of last year’s event:

  • Lorna Omdahl
  • Annie Battee
  • Meloni Morrison

Five-year certificate:

  • Nathan Farr
  • Karie Goffin

15-year certificate:

  • Lynne Karau

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